Package delivery driver (m/f/d) in full-time

You make our
customers happy.

Our parcels arrive at our customers’ doorstep day after day. This is mainly due to our delivery staff. They check the loaded vehicles in the morning, then take the parcels to the customers and pick up shipments afterwards. You benefit from a number of advantages that are unique to us in the industry:

Fixed contract

We don't send any of our delivery people out on the street without an employment contract.

Regular salary increases

It's clear to us that people who work in a job for longer also know their way around better. We reward that also financially.

Genuine performance incentives

We financially reward those who put in extra effort and provide a top performance.

Pleasant working hours

We deliver Monday through Friday. Thanks to the support of loaders, our delivery staff's workday only begins between 7 and 8:30 a.m.

Fixed route

Once trained, our delivery staff has a fixed route that they drive every day. This means they not only know the route, but also the customers.

Local traffic only

Truck drivers also return to Neutraubling every evening.

Support in crisis

Whether it's a salary advance or a staff meeting: If our employees have problems, we are there for them.

Alfonso is well arrived at WEINHUT

„At WEINHUT, I have not only found a job in Germany. But also a team where I enjoy working away from home.“

– Alfonso Idoyaga Molina

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This is how your application is well received

You will be well received by us if you meet the following requirements:

  • Driving license (at least class B)
  • Good knowledge of German or English, both written and spoken
  • Physically fit and able to work under pressure
  • Friendly in dealing with customers
  • Reliable


Would you like more information? Here we have answered a whole range of frequently asked questions for you:

What exactly do I have to do?

Our delivery staff load and unload their vehicles, deliver the parcels and collect them from the customer. They also collect and settle cash on delivery charges. The care and maintenance of their vehicle is also one of the tasks of our delivery staff.

How heavy are the packages?

Depending on the contents, our packages weigh between a few grams and 70 kilos. We have delivered everything from envelopes to oil drums. For the heavy packages, each of our vehicles has a hand truck.

How much do I earn (net)?

At the beginning, you earn 1800€ (basic salary) + 100€ (bonus), i.e. 1900€ gross plus an additional 173€ net (120€ expenses + 9€ laundry allowance + 44€ non-cash voucher). With tax class 1 without children you get 1547,79€ net per month. Tax class 3, without children would be 1690,62€ or with two children 1695,37€.

Are there salary increases?

Yes, the bonus of 100€ initially will increase to 125€ after three months and increases also after six (150€), nine (200€) and twelve months (250€). If you can drive more than four tours, you also have the possibility to receive Springer bonuses. These depend on the number of tours you master.

How does the application process work?

Start speed dating online or contact us by mail or phone (09401 5263811) if you are interested in a job with us. We will then usually get in touch with you the next working day and there will be a short telephone interview with questions about your previous work experience. During this interview, you will also have the opportunity to find out more about the job. If there is mutual interest, we will invite you to a trial day. After a short personal interview, you will ride along with one of our delivery staff. The latter will explain the work process and the scanning device to you. On the next working day, you will find out whether we can offer you a job. You will then usually start work as soon as possible.

When can I start?

We usually hire new employees immediately, which means also in the current month.

What are my working hours?

Our delivery people work about 9 hours a day. Parcels are delivered only from Monday to Friday. There is no work on the weekend.

Is there an apartment/accomodation? If so, where and how expensive is it?

Yes, we offer our employees furnished one-bedroom apartments with private bathroom and kitchenfor 300 to 350 euros warm. The apartments are easy to reach by public transport. You do not need your own car to get to work.

Is there a training program? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training for new employees. One of our experienced delivery staff will train you on the DIAD, the hand-held scanner. You will then first ride along with him and receive delivery training. You will then be trained by a colleague for your future tour. In this way, you will get to know customers and the location of goods receiving points.

Do I always go on the same tour?

During the first six months, our drivers drive the same route every day. After two years of work experience, we expect our employees to master three routes. From the fourth route onwards, we pay our delivery staff a Springer bonus.

Which tour will I take?

This depends on our current needs and your skills.

Will I get a navigation device?

Our deliverers do not normally receive a navigation device. You can borrow one if you wish. However, our recommendation is to take the tour without a navigator, as you will get to know it much faster that way.

Will I get an automatic car?

Our newest vehicles have automatic transmission, the older vans are still to shift gears. The new vehicles are reserved for the experienced and long-term employees. Having your own new vehicle is a sign of special appreciation for the work you have done. So in the beginning you will not drive an automatic car.

Do I load my car myself?

No, that's taken care of by our loaders. Our delivery staff arrive at the logistics center between 7 and 8:30 a.m. - depending on the tour - and sort their vehicles from the start of work.

Can I take the car home?

No, for tax reasons and maintenance, our vehicles remain in the logistics center after the end of work.

Noemi is well arrived at WEINHUT

„I’m glad to have found an employer who makes sure I can balance my job and family.“

– Noemi Reka Ferenczi

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