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Founded over 15 years ago as K&K Transport GmbH, WEINHUT GmbH is now a family business. Nikolaus Weinhut, who laid the foundation for the company in 2005, has been running the logistics business together with his son Andreas Weinhut for several years. What the two tackle has a hand and a foot. The company’s philosophy: Not only every package and every freight arrives, but also the employees.


WEINHUT lives not only for, but also from its employees. A strong and competent team enables us to master new challenges every day and to develop consistently. Do you have a question or are you looking for a specific contact person?
Then feel free to contact us directly!

WEINHUT in numbers

It all started in 2005 with 55 employees. In the meantime, our WEINHUT team comprises 130 members. From a pure delivery team, we have developed into a professional logistics company. In addition to the deliverers, loaders are now also part of WEINHUT GmbH and our administration has also been continuously expanded.

Our vehicle fleet has also seen impressive development in recent years. From 45 to 90: Our vans have been consistently modernized and in some cases replaced by larger vehicles. Currently, in addition to the vans, our fleet also includes three 7.5 ton trucks, one 14 as well as a 15 ton truck.

More parcels are being sent every year. Accordingly, the volume of packages in our delivery area is also rising continuously. We currently handle an average of 12,800 UPS packages a day – in 2005, the figure was just 8,000.

How to arrive at us

You would like to talk to us personally, in the best case even visit us? With pleasure! Our offices with the management are located in Neutraubling, our logistics center with the dispatchers and vehicles can be found in Obertraubling.

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